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10 Incredibly Poisonous Mushrooms

There are times when nature can be simply devastating to human life, considering the fact that there are so many species of plants and animals that can attack and kill us. Mushrooms have often been considered interesting vegetables, mostly due ...
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Top 10 Deadliest Children’s Toys

While toys are generally considered safe, especially since they are designed for children, they aren’t always fun and games. However, throughout history, numerous toys have caused death and injury to infants, toddlers and children from all around the world. While ...

10 Deadly Household Items

When you think about things that you might want to worry about, chances are you would view a lightning storm, an angry bear or a shark as a far bigger threat than your pants or your toaster. However, every year countless people ...

10 Creepy Torture Devices

Torture devices, we’ve all heard of them. I remember the “Chinese water treatment” stories being passed around in elementary school on recess, story-time and every camping trip I ever went on. While the constant dripping of water on one’s head ...