10 Creepy Torture Devices

Torture devices, we’ve all heard of them. I remember the “Chinese water treatment” stories being passed around in elementary school on recess, story-time and every camping trip I ever went on. While the constant dripping of water on one’s head sounds rather troublesome, I would pick that over any of the tools of torture below.

Some of these devices are sheer genius, not that I admire the masterminds behind them. Really, what type of person could dream up a thing like the Iron Maiden? Or fingernail screws? Hell, even the water torture. That’s crafty and cheap! You don’t even need clean water. Just strap the poor guy under the leaky sink out back and leave him for a few days. It takes a special type of person to come up with that idea. But enough about water torture, lets check out the devices. By the way, if you’re squeamish, turn back now.

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