10 Deadly Assault Rifles

EF88 / F90
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Since early 19th-century flintlock rifles, mankind has obsessed over rifles and shooting. From target practice to all out warfare, rifles have changed the world forever. Because of this obsession and overall desire to develop the best rifle on the block, we’ve seen some amazing advancements over the years. From muzzle-loaders to bolt action rifles, to gas-operated and magazine fed fully automatic assault rifles. These modern day assault rifles are exactly what this top 10 list is about.

Before we dive into our list of deadly assault rifles, lets first explore what an “assault rifle” really is. What are the qualifications and how are they different from sniper rifles, shotguns and submachine guns? In the “Small Arms Identification and Operation Guide” by the U.S. Defense Department Intelligence Agency it says assault rifles are compact, select-fire weapons which fire a cartridge intermediate in power. Other publications say an assault rifle is any semi-auto or fully automatic rifle with large capacity magazines which are designed for military use. So without stepping on any toes, I’ve taken the liberty of combining some popular ideas of what an assault rifle actually is.

  • Small or compact rifle
  • Automatic or semi-auto selective fire
  • Fires a cartridge bigger than a handgun
  • Supports detachable magazine of large capacity

The “designed for military use” statement is kind-of obvious. But it goes without saying, gun manufacturers like money as much as the next guy. If by selling these weapons to the general public they can hire some more employees and put a few extra dollars in their pocket, I assume they would jump at that opportunity. And they do, and I’m glad they do it. Now that we’re on the same page, lets have a look at our 10 deadly assault rifles.

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