10 Deadly Combat Knives

Some of the World’s Best Self-Defense Knives

Ballistic Knife
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The history of combat knives goes back for many centuries. Not to be confused with swords, combat knives are more akin to daggers, the personal weapons used when the sword, spear, or other implement was lost in combat. For soldiers of the Ancient Greek, Roman, Chinese, and many other armies, daggers were commonplace weapons that have evolved considerably in terms of materials, manufacturing, and uses, but have remained relatively the same size over thousands of years.

Knives are distinctive from swords due to their shorter length. In ancient times just as today, such knives were used not only for combat, but also for cutting, cleaning fish, chopping through brush, and as general tools around the camp. Over the centuries, the use of daggers or combat knives became more regulated as technology changed the battlefield.

Of the many innovations that have become a part of combat knives, serrated edges, improved metals and materials are some of the most important. Such innovations have led to certain combat knives becoming quite versatile and perfect for hunters, campers, and hikers. However, it is also true that some knives have come down through the centuries relatively unchanged thanks to their unique design which makes them perfect for self-defense.

What follows are the 10 deadliest combat knives that you can find today on the market. Each knife may vary in terms of its uses, but all of them are quite capable of self-defense.

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