10 Deadly Household Items

5. Cans


Around a quarter of a million Americans annually hurt themselves severely enough to warrant a trip to the hospital by cutting themselves on a sharp edge from a can or other container. Jagged metal edges are obviously dangerous, but there are also issues where other types of food or beverage container shatter or snap and cause injury due to sharp plastic or glass. While not usually fatal, serious cuts, especially from metal cans, can be prone to infection, including life threatening conditions like tetanus.

4. Pants


Is there any more undignified way to die than to be killed by your own pants? Clothes in general are a big cause of household injury, with people getting them caught on things or generally getting tangled up in them, but falling over while putting on pants is the biggest clothing related culprit. Statistics from the UK suggest that there alone, 40 people a year actually die at the hands of their pants.

3. Toasters


Toasters are convenient, and you’ve got to love the smell of your bread browning off in there, but despite the warnings from parents ever since childhood, some people just can’t resist the urge to jam a fork in there to try and get out that trapped bagel or piece of toast. Toasters cause among the largest number of electrocutions around the world of any common kitchen appliance, but you will probably safe if you aren’t an idiot.

2. Sofa


Just like your bed, your comfy sofa is also a statistical menace. Over 470,000 Americans are injured by their sofas every year. The usual causes are falling off them, though kids can sometimes get hurt jumping around on the cushions, too. How so many people are falling off of their beds and sofas nobody really knows, but the statistics again, show that the humble sofa is a bigger threat than a bear or an electrical storm in North America.

1. Beds


Never mind the health risks posed by bed bugs, or the fact that a bad mattress can give you neck or back problems, in actual fact the most common bed related injuries (and even fatalities) are caused by people falling our of their beds. This may seem weird, but an estimated half a million people in America alone sustain a serious injury from rolling off of their mattress in the night. It may look warm and cozy, but statistically, your bed is more dangerous than a wolf, a swarm of killer bees and a great white shark combined!


Some of the items on this list seem like they are only going to hurt you if you are a Darwin Award candidate and incapable of eating or sitting on the sofa without doing something stupid and hurting yourself. However, it is worth taking care to check things like the fittings on your ceiling fans, and not clambering up on a chair without due care if you need something from a high shelf – it may be easier than you think for even a sensible person to end up as one of these accident statistics!