10 Deadly Martial Arts Styles

The most lethal martial arts ever created.

Photo credit: www.themartialview.com

A good majority of us enjoy martial arts on display. Probably in the movies, back in the 90’s, Chinese movies were an awe and rave of the time and a lot of them especially the action based ones featured martial arts or at least some form of it. While for others, martial art is simply a way of life. There is something unique about martial arts training – something about perseverance and discipline. To excel in martial arts, one has to be willing to push the limits.

Although today, people take up martial art as a form of self-defense, some do it to keep fit or generally become sharper, quicker or even for sporting reasons. Irrespective of your reason for learning martial art, one thing that is synonymous with martial art training is the intense dedication, focus and energy that is needed to excel at it. Martial Arts used to be viewed as a strictly “Asian” thing – and rightfully so because its origin can be traced to China where monks first started practicing Kung Fu, a skill that requires a great deal of discipline and hard work to master. In this article, we are going to be looking at the 10 lethal and popular types of martial arts.