10 Deadly Samurai from Popular Anime Series

Afro Samurai
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Anime and manga series are responsible for bringing us a large variety of memorable characters; Ninjas, martial artists, robots and more. Among these memorable characters are the most deadly of them all, the samurai. Samurai are highly skilled swordsmen (and women) who place honor above all else. So in this list, we are paying tribute to some of anime’s most deadly samurai. From sadistic, demon-eyed samurai with the lust for battle to pretty red-head’s with incredible power! These characters are some of the best samurai in the world of anime.

Before we get started, lets be clear about one thing; This list is not ranked in a certain order, nor does it mean one samurai is more powerful than the other. These are simply 10 of the most deadly anime characters that happen to be samurai.

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