10 Most Destructive Volcanoes in Recent History

Volcano Eruption
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Some of the world’s greatest natural disasters are caused by volcanoes. From waves of boiling hot magma to lava ash blacking out the sky, these powerful eruptions are fully capable of causing massive damage. When searching for the world’s deadliest volcanoes, you may be shocked to learn that many of them occurred in recent history. Which is exactly what you will find in this list. While modern technology has progressed to the point where professionals know when to evacuate residents, that doesn’t always happened. In the case of our #1 most deadly volcano on this list, residents were not informed of the upcoming disaster!

Keep in-mind, our top 10 list of lava throwing volcanoes include those in very recent history. The oldest happened just over 30 years ago in 1985 while the most recent occurred in 2014!

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