10 Lethal Aircraft from Around the World

Some of history’s most deadly airplanes…

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For over a century, aircraft have changed the way warfare has been conducted. From the early days of World War One when planes evolved quickly from observational craft to strafing troops and bombing installations. The Second World War saw tremendous advances which added hundreds of miles to the speed and range of the aircraft.

As the jet era began during the Korean War, it proved to be a transitional period for fighters, although bombers soon caught up with the future development of the B-52 and similar large craft. Today, the advancement in aircraft technology has greatly increased the versatility of both fighters and bombers while officially introducing stealth aircraft that can avoid detection from radar.

The criteria for deadly aircraft comprises of a combination of features that help make these planes the most feared in the skies, even if it only lasted for a short time. From fighters that offer greater speed and maneuverability to bombers that carried larger loads of explosives that devastated their targets, the deadliest were those that could do their respective jobs better than any other craft in the air at the time.

Here is a list of the top 10 deadliest aircraft that goes back to the first World War. Each one a formidable plane that pilots were proud to fly, and their enemies dreaded facing.