10 Treacherous Surfing Locations

Shipstern Bluff
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Without a doubt, surfing is one of the world’s most popular water sports. The surface water sport consists of the surfer, who rides on either the forward or the deep face of a moving wave, carrying the surfer towards the shore. Usually, surfing is done on the ocean, where the high waves allow for the experience, yet people often find themselves surfing in lakes, on standing waves, or artificial, wave-pools.

While it is not extremely difficult to get a hand of, surfing can turn out to be quite dangerous, especially if surfers venture out on high waves, or in areas that are not constantly being watched by life guards. There are of course, also regions inhabited by sharks, where surfing is not generally recommended. Additionally, reefs, other sea animals and cold weather can make certain surfing spots quite dangerous, thus causing injury or even death.

With this in mind, in today’s article, we’ll discuss about some of the world’s most dangerous surfing spots, where the elements mentioned above are often present.

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