10 Most Venomous Spiders on Earth

Brazilian Wandering Spider
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If you are like me, there aren’t many things that strike fear into your heart more than spiders. They’re small, creepy, hard-to-see and some wield some truly devastating venom. Fortunately for us, medical technology has advanced enough that antivenoms are fairly easy to get, should you ever find yourself the victim of one of these eight-legged horrors. But that should not discount the fact that many spiders, especially the ones found on this list, are extremely dangerous and sometimes deadly. Deaths from spider bites might be rare but they are not unheard of.

Spiders make up the largest portion of the arachnid class, with over 45,000 species and more than 110 families. They’re found all over the world. Under rocks, boards, in the garage and even in dark corners of your house!

Before we dive into our list of venomous spiders. I want to approach the topic of poison vs. venom. Spiders are not poisonous. That’s right, they are not poisonous. They’re venomous. People often confuse poison and venom. The distinction between poison and venom is fairly simple to understand; Poison is ingested or absorbed through the skin. Venom is injected. With a spider, venom is injected through fangs. Now that we’re on the same page, lets have a look at our top 10 venomous spiders on earth.

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