• Armscor M206 38 Special

    Source This is a light weight, easy to conceal revolver with a steel frame. Its an excellent snub nose with with nearly flawless reviews. The 2ā€™ā€™ barrel is perfect for conceal carry and has ample range for any close combat situations. The recoil is something to consider; Upgrading the standard grip to a pachmayr ā€œDā€ […] More

  • Top 10 Most Dangerous Vehicles

    Toyota Yaris

    Over the years, the technology packed in cars has evolved. Previously, cars just used to just be something on four wheels that would transport you from one location to another. Now, Manufacturers put in so much thought into its design, look, speed, comfort and so on. While some cars have lived up to the design […] More

  • 10 Deadly Foods From Around the World

    Deadly Foods from Around the World

    Food is supposed to provide sustenance and nutrition. But some types are actually dangerous and could lead to death over time. Take, for instance, processed foods. Eat them every day and you can say goodbye to long life. As for food that can trigger allergies, well, they are dangerous for those allergic to them. Some […] More

  • The 10 Most Deadly Avalanches

    Avalanche Picture

    Avalanches just like Tsunamis and Earthquakes are natural occurring disasters that many around the world would prefer never happened. Apparently, Avalanches are caused by a mass of snow or ice sliding rapidly down a mountainside or any steep or elevated region. They may appear trivial by definition, but a whole mass of snow sliding down […] More

  • Top 10 Deadliest Female Anime Characters

    Deadliest Female Anime Characters

    With 10,000+ anime series, OVAs and movies, there is no shortage of female characters. A large portion of them play leading or major rolls. From anime girls with loud, boastful personalities to the calm, cool and collected; we have plenty of reasons to like these memorable characters. But which of these women stand out as […] More

  • China’s 10 Deadliest Earthquakes in the Last 50 Years

    Deadliest Earthquakes in China

    Out of all the world’s deadly natural disasters, few surpass that of an earthquake. The violent shaking, ground splitting devastation caused by earthquakes are phenomenal. Not only can the initial shock be deadly, but so can the aftershocks, waves and landslides that occur as a direct result. A side from the natural side effects, there […] More

  • 10 Concealed Carry Handguns That Are Compact and Powerful


    At this moment in time, small handguns offer people a great tactical advantage in several situations, and are also becoming a trend for both men and women thanks to their size, looks and power. When it comes down to talking about small pistols, numerous members of the gun community disagree with the idea of owning […] More

  • 10 Deadly Tactical Shotguns

    UTAS UTS 15

    The first firearm was invented in China, during the 13th century, and operated with the help of black powder. That is roughly 800 years of technological advances in the firearms industry. During this period of time, guns have evolved from heavy and hard-to-operate products, to highly tactical and precise devices that almost anyone can use […] More

  • UAV: 10 Deadly Military Drones

    Gray Eagle UAS

    Drones are commonly known by the name of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), and represent aircraft that operate without the need of placing a pilot on board. At this moment in time, UAVs have the possibility of operating at various level of autonomy, with some being fully independent whereas others require the presence of a human, […] More

  • 10 Incredibly Poisonous Mushrooms

    Fly Agaric

    There are times when nature can be simply devastating to human life, considering the fact that there are so many species of plants and animals that can attack and kill us. Mushrooms have often been considered interesting vegetables, mostly due to the fact that some are eatable, whereas others are deadly, or incredibly dangerous. At […] More

  • 10 Scary White Water Rafting Places

    Mickey Ocoee River

    White water rafting has always been considered fairly dangerous, considering the fact that rafters need excellent skills to navigate their inflatable rafts through tight corners, while mitigating any possible dangers. While there are a variety of safe places where people can enjoy white-water rafting, adrenaline junkies often tend to look for different degrees of rough […] More

  • The 10 Most Dangerous Game Animals to Hunt

    Wild Boar

    People have been hunting to survive and for simple entertainment for thousands of years. Throughout history, some animals have proven to be significantly more difficult than others due to their ability to fight their way through potential confrontations. With this in mind, it is worth pointing out that most aggression that animals showcase comes as […] More

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