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  • Manchineel Tree

    The 10 Deadliest Plants in the World

    We all know that plants have many uses. They have been a source of food since before our ancestors decided that settling down in one area was a good idea. They have been used as a cure since the ancient times. People plant them in their garden for aesthetic value, and they are even taken […] More

  • 10 Deadliest Floods in Modern History

    Top 10 Deadliest Floods in Modern History

    Water – a transparent, colorless and odorless liquid which no living being or creature can survive without. Water is very crucial to our existence. Lack of water would send humans into extinction in no time. However, on the opposite side of the same “water coin,” too much of it can also become a huge problem. […] More

  • Avalanche Picture

    The 10 Most Deadly Avalanches

    Avalanches just like Tsunamis and Earthquakes are natural occurring disasters that many around the world would prefer never happened. Apparently, Avalanches are caused by a mass of snow or ice sliding rapidly down a mountainside or any steep or elevated region. They may appear trivial by definition, but a whole mass of snow sliding down […] More

  • Deadliest Earthquakes in China

    China’s 10 Deadliest Earthquakes in the Last 50 Years

    Out of all the world’s deadly natural disasters, few surpass that of an earthquake. The violent shaking, ground splitting devastation caused by earthquakes are phenomenal. Not only can the initial shock be deadly, but so can the aftershocks, waves and landslides that occur as a direct result. A side from the natural side effects, there […] More

  • Volcano Eruption

    10 Most Destructive Volcanoes in Recent History

    Some of the world’s greatest natural disasters are caused by volcanoes. From waves of boiling hot magma to lava ash blacking out the sky, these powerful eruptions are fully capable of causing massive damage. When searching for the world’s deadliest volcanoes, you may be shocked to learn that many of them occurred in recent history. […] More

  • The 10 Deadliest Tornadoes in the United States

    Tornadoes are one of mother nature’s most devastating disasters. With the United States positioned in prime territory for these twisting terrors, the National Climatic Data Center estimates we receive an average of 1,000 tornadoes a year. Most of these tornadoes are small, causing little to no damage. Some, however, cause extreme damage and often kill a lot […] More