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  • Ballistic Knife

    10 Deadly Combat Knives

    The history of combat knives goes back for many centuries. Not to be confused with swords, combat knives are more akin to daggers, the personal weapons used when the sword, spear, or other implement was lost in combat. For soldiers of the Ancient Greek, Roman, Chinese, and many other armies, daggers were commonplace weapons that […] More

  • A-10

    10 Lethal Aircraft from Around the World

    For over a century, aircraft have changed the way warfare has been conducted. From the early days of World War One when planes evolved quickly from observational craft to strafing troops and bombing installations. The Second World War saw tremendous advances which added hundreds of miles to the speed and range of the aircraft. As […] More

  • Doubletap

    10 Concealed Carry Handguns That Are Compact and Powerful

    At this moment in time, small handguns offer people a great tactical advantage in several situations, and are also becoming a trend for both men and women thanks to their size, looks and power. When it comes down to talking about small pistols, numerous members of the gun community disagree with the idea of owning […] More

  • UTAS UTS 15

    10 Deadly Tactical Shotguns

    The first firearm was invented in China, during the 13th century, and operated with the help of black powder. That is roughly 800 years of technological advances in the firearms industry. During this period of time, guns have evolved from heavy and hard-to-operate products, to highly tactical and precise devices that almost anyone can use […] More

  • Gray Eagle UAS

    UAV: 10 Deadly Military Drones

    Drones are commonly known by the name of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), and represent aircraft that operate without the need of placing a pilot on board. At this moment in time, UAVs have the possibility of operating at various level of autonomy, with some being fully independent whereas others require the presence of a human, […] More

  • EF88 / F90

    10 Deadly Assault Rifles

    Since early 19th-century flintlock rifles, mankind has obsessed over rifles and shooting. From target practice to all out warfare, rifles have changed the world forever. Because of this obsession and overall desire to develop the best rifle on the block, we’ve seen some amazing advancements over the years. From muzzle-loaders to bolt action rifles, to […] More

  • Ninja

    10 Deadly Ninja Weapons

    Shinobi, aka the ninja, existed in feudal Japan during the 15th century. These specially trained mercenaries were adeptĀ in espionage, assassinations, warfare and infiltrations. Because of their methods they were deemed dishonorable, especially when compared to samurai. Their main purpose was to accomplish any given mission having not left a single foot-print. They were masters of […] More

  • Top 10 Deadliest Sniper Rifles

    In the world of guns, everyone has their unique opinion on which rifle shoots the best. The differences between calibers, bullets, grains, barrel length, weight and a number of other factors leave much debate for what makes a sniper rifle deadly. In this top 10 list, we compare these differences and arrange these rifles in […] More

  • Top 10 Most Lethal Handguns

    In this count-down we look into the world’s most lethal handguns. There are a growing number of gun manufacturers in the world; And while one brand may be better than another, I hope you will understand why I didn’t focus on the specific brands or models. Instead, I’ve assembled this list of the world’s most […] More