The 10 Deadliest Movie Swords

The Bride's Hattori Hanzo Sword
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Swords… Why the word swords?! Looking at the origin of the word sword, it comes from an Old English word “sweord”, which means “to pierce” or “to wound”, and well we do use battle ready swords to slash, cut, thrust or stab. So, the word sword is quite apt considering its purpose! When we go through history, several types of swords come up, used by different civilizations in different ages. The crucial areas of a sword lie with its blade, grip, hand guard, and pommel.

Now, why were swords used? War is a total hell, and everyone agrees to that. War is a mix of horror and tragedy, and you may find people writhing in pain in the mud, or lying there dead. We see in our history, that this is how it’s been since the birth of man. However, we find people who find this cool. Because without the wars there wouldn’t be any need for sword duels or heroes to plow down the enemies. However, here is the hitch, real-life wars were nothing like the movies. But let’s not give a thumbs-down to the movies just yet. The historical, science-fiction and some old school movies, be it animated or live-action, do depict a great use of the battle ready swords, and to be honest they do perk up our interest and keep us glued to the screen.

For all the fanatics out there, this article is for you! We are going to let you in on the deadliest movie swords used to date, their details and use will certainly leave you enthralled, it will be a mix of live-action, battle ready swords as well as animated. So, keep a tight grip while you go on further.

Even as a sword collector, you really need to go on reading. You’ll be able to come to know about some exceptional movie swords here. Once you have read this, you will really want to bring a few with you, since you’ll be missing out on these deadly movie swords.

Now that you are going on with this, means you really are interested. So let’s get started.

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