Top 10 Deadliest Female Anime Characters

The Not-so-innocent, Powerful, Strong & Dangerous…

Deadliest Female Anime Characters

With 10,000+ anime series, OVAs and movies, there is no shortage of female characters. A large portion of them play leading or major rolls. From anime girls with loud, boastful personalities to the calm, cool and collected; we have plenty of reasons to like these memorable characters. But which of these women stand out as the most powerful? The most skilled? That is what this top list is meant to display. And while I consider it an impossible task to list ALL our beloved, beautiful and powerful female characters, it is possible to list a few.

Bare in mind, this list has no specific order. These anime girls are not ranked from least to greatest or vice versa. They are simply placed at random and I think you will agree with me on why these women made my list of the most powerful anime girls.

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